Leadership Development Skills Certificate

This certificate is geared towards individuals working in a leadership capacity or those who are looking to expand their knowledge about themselves, as leaders, and how they can improve their skills and those of the people working for them. This certificate is a combination of our conflict resolution skills with the addition of some specific leadership models.


How it Works

When you decide to pay the certificate fee, Mediation Services will start tracking your progress towards your certificate goal.  Upon completion of the final requirement, you will receive your certificate.

Once you've paid the certificate fee, you get to map out and schedule your own training path.

*Note: this fee does not go towards any training.  The course fees are separate and are charged at the time you register for them


Workshops in the Leadership Development Certificate:

Introduction to Conflict Resolution - 2 days

Coaching for Resolution - 2 days

Mediation Skills for Leaders - 2 days

Dealing with Anger - 2 days

Effective Feedback - 2 days

Building Respectful Workplaces - 1 day

Managing Unresolvable Problems - 1 day

4 Elective Skills Courses - minimum of 4 elective days required

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L. Cherniak

"Mediation Services is a great institution.  I took almost all of the courses and loved each one, and then was privileged to serve on the board afterward.  It provides essential services for conflict resolution.  I can't recommend Mediation Services enough!"


"Every time I take a Mediation Services course, I walk away with immediately useful skills and a change of perspective I didn't expect."