Building a Respectful Workplace

On-Demand Webinar

Release Date: Fall 2022

Why do I dread going to work?

How can the workplace be a safer and happier place?

Looking at the roles and responsibilities of all people in the workplace to build a happy, safe and productive environment.

At Mediation Services we believe that every workplace needs Respectful Workplace training for their leaders and also their staff as a whole.

Most people already know that a working environment needs to be supported by respectful behaviour if it is to remain efficient and productive. Many workplaces have respectful workplace polices that are designed to protect all employees from hostile and harassing behaviour. Instituting a policy is merely the first step in creating a healthy work environment. A policy alone does not prevent employees from experiencing behaviours that range from disrespectful to threatening.    

Workplace harassment is costly. The major cost is the ongoing loss of creativity and productivity that occur when employees stop enjoying their work and mistrust permeates the environment. In many cases, the more tangible costs associated with formal grievance and investigation processes are a fraction of the larger cost to the organization. The informal costs leading up to the formal processes and the aftermath are often very debilitating to the organization. 

We know that it is tough to find the correct time to offer training to a large work group.  It can be challenging or even impossible.  We have seen many clients go through this challenge over the past few years so decided it was time to create a Respectful Workplace Webinar.   We are working with two of our professional and knowledgeable Conflict Resolution Facilitators, Janet Schmidt and Paul Kruse, to create this one-day webinar to help employers train their staff about How to Build a Respectful Workplace. 

This module based webinar allows your employees to complete the training on their free time.  They can start and stop as often they need to.  The webinar combines teaching videos, presentations, worksheets to work through, and the chance for your employee to look at real situations they have encountered or are still encountering in their workplace.  This course will provide participants with an opportunity to explore how to build respectful workplaces.  It is designed to be highly interactive combining both theory and practice. 

The participants will:

  • Explore experiences of disrespect; 
  • Learn how to effectively respond and recover as sourcetarget, and observer of disrespect in the workplace;  
  • Gain insight into the person in authority’s responsibility in maintaining a respectful workplace; 

Please reach out to us if you would like to talk more about this webinar and how it can benefit your entire workplace. 

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