Family Mediation

Intake Application

What are your mediation goals? 

  • Are you looking for mediation to assist you in communication and decision making in co-parenting conflicts?
       We can help. If you have a separation agreement you can apply now for supported conversations.
       If you do not have a legal agreement we can help with communication.  Note: you will still require a lawyer to formalize any agreements.

  • Are looking for a mediator to help you develop a detailed parenting plan?
    We can help. Both parents will be responsible to seek independent legal advice for any decisions that may have financial impacts.

  • Are you wanting mediation to result in a separation or divorce?

       We can help. You need Comprehensive Mediation Service.

The following service comparison chart offers a glance to help determine the right process for your needs.
You may also take a quick assessment survey below for recommendations on services.