Family Mediation

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Family Mediation supports healthy families. 

Coaching & Mediation: We're here to respond to your needs. 

 To improve communication
 To minimize impacts of separation on your children
 To support conversation in decision making
 To find collaborative solutions to address challenges in co-parenting
 To make changes to an existing parenting plan or outline a new parenting plan
 To get out of circular arguments and have more productive conversations

Co-Parenting Mediation

Parent Coaching and Mediation 

Supporting you with:

Decision Making
Parenting Plans

Separation is a difficult time of stress, uncertainty, difficult emotions, and overwhelm. We help families navigate the difficult conversations involved around separation and co-parenting through parent coaching and mediation. 

We help improve communication, minimize impacts on children, find collaborative solutions, get out of circular arguments and focus on goals for the future. 

If referred by your lawyer during your separation, we can assist parents in creating detailed parenting plans which become part of your separation agreement. 

Family Mediator 
Coaching Fees: $150/hour
Mediation Fees: $150/hour each party

Comprehensive Mediation Service

Collaborative Process with Evans Family Law & Mediation Services

This service offers the benefits of working with a lawyer mediator and family mediator to make decisions on what is important to you as a family.

You will work through:

✔   long term parenting goals,
✔   co-parent communication and parenting issues,
child support and spousal support obligations, and
property division.

At the end of the process you will have a Comprehensive Separation Agreement that is ready for Independent Legal Advice and can result in an uncontested divorce or separation; avoiding the lengthy, divisive, and expensive process of litigation.

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