Family Mediation

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We want you to have the right resources for your family situation

Mediation isn't right for every situation, and it can be complimented by other professionals. In the following situations, you will be best served by speaking with a lawyer or other professional.

Our services are unable to help families if:

   You need legal advice or advocacy 
      try 🡆 family lawyer  
   You are seeking enforcement of parenting time, child support, and/or spousal support  
      try 🡆 family lawyer + family guide Family Resolution Services + see Family Maintenance Enforcement
   There is an expired or active no contact order or protection order 
      try 🡆 family lawyer 
   There is active CFS involvement in the family 
      try 🡆 family lawyer / social worker / family guide 
   One parent is seeking relocation outside the province
      try 🡆 family lawyer + see Justice Canada data sheet 

   You own one or more business assets that require valuations 
      try 🡆 family lawyer