Conflict 101

Demystifying Conflict Through a Psychological Approach

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Conflict 101 is an empowering introductory course designed to equip you with essential knowledge and skills on the subject of conflict resolution. Conflict is an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the daunting, toxic, or overwhelmingly intense situation that it can often become.

What's your 'why'?

Healthier and Happier Workplace Culture

Dreading going to work because your team is steeped in toxic conflict?

Happier and Healthier Family Get Togethers

Avoiding family get togethers because of that one person who always gets under your skin?

Helping out a Friend or Family Member

Have a person looking to you for support, and you're feeling stumped?

Investing time in ourselves pays off in dividends over all of the life that comes afterwards. Let today be the day to do just that with this free opportunity.


 Participants attending this workshop will have the opportunity to: 

  • Understand the psychology behind our natural tendencies when someone does (or believes) something something that frustrates us 
  • Learn to identify which of our mental frameworks could be working against us and how to replace them with something more fruitful 
  • Cultivate self-awareness to better understand your own intuition and impulses in conflict - and further develop strategies for improvement 
  • Gather knowledge and practical techniques to both identify and manage the two primary types of conflict 
  • Explore personal case studies and gain the tools necessary to dissect and learn conflict situations (both historic and ongoing) 

Just as conflict is natural, so is having questions. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions to clarify things.

And did we mention that all of this is free? Get now and pay never, it’s 100% off, absolutely pro bono! The only investment required on your part is the time it takes to participate.

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