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We want to reward you and make our training more accessible for companies, organizations, families or any other groups who want to send 3+ people to a training.

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Bundle Pricing for In-House Training

(includes in-person and online training options)

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We recommend using this route for when you want to send 3-5 people to a single course offering, or when you want to register 3+ people to a variety of courses.

We request that you do not sign up more than 5 people for a single course, as at that stage, having a custom contract training is likely the better option for your group.

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Custom Contract Training

(includes in-person and online training options)

If you're looking at sending 5+ people to a single workshop, it probably makes more sense to have us come to you, as there is options for even more savings, and the case studies can be customized to fit your group's needs.

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Custom Contract Training