Managing Unresolvable Problems

What happens when conflict can’t be resolved?

How do we identify when a problem is unresolvable, and more importantly, how can we best manage it?

Long standing challenges at work may be due to competing needs or polarities. In this course, participants will build skills to proactively manage competing needs to achieve productive, effective resolutions.


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What is Polarity management?

Through this workshop participants will be equipped with an effective way to analyze and manage the “perennial” and “unsolvable” problems at work.  Polarity management provides the participant with an analytical tool that facilitates the pro-active management of ongoing challenges.  Throughout this interactive day a number of classic “unresolvable dilemmas” will be explored such as: Should leaders be clear or flexible?  Should an organization emphasize teamwork or individual performance?  Competition or collaboration?  Action or planning? Polarity Management provides a new approach to viewing and engaging in the ongoing challenges in your workplace. 

Participants will:
  • Learn to identify “unresolvable” problems. 
  • Apply the concept of polarities to workplace challenges. 
  • Learn how to identify organizational strengths and vulnerabilities via polarities. 
  • Learn effective strategies to advocate for change and defend status quo. 
  • Develop skills to proactively manage polarities. 
  • Become aware of the many potential applications of polarities. 
January 30, 2024 with David Falk

8:30am - 04:00pm CST | In-Person