Leadership Development Skills Certificate

This certificate is geared towards individuals working in a leadership capacity or those who are looking to expand their knowledge about themselves, as leaders, and how they can improve their skills and those of the people working for them. This certificate is a combination of our conflict resolution skills with the addition of some specific leadership models.


How it Works

  1. Register for the Certificate at any time at the cost of $50.00 CAD*.
  2. Register and attend the required workshops for the Leadership Development Skills Certificate.  You will map out and schedule your own training path and we will track your progress.  Please make note of the prerequisite courses when planning your schedule.
  3. You have an unlimited timeframe to complete a certificate - noting that too much time between courses may have an impact on the retention of materials learned.  Each course builds on the other so a refresher course may be required at your cost if the time has been too long.
  4. Upon completion of all the courses required, you will receive your Leadership Development Skills Certificate.
  5. If you are a real keener, adding a second or third certificate is easier than you think.  You do not have to retake any classes that you have completed for your last certificate, just the additional requirements for the new certificate.  So, a second certificate could be as little as 6 more days of studies.

*note: the certificate fee is separate from the course fees.  Course fees are charged at the time you register for them.

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions: 204.925.3410 or [email protected].


Workshops in Leadership Development Skills Certificate:

Introduction to Conflict Resolution - 2 days

Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People is our foundational course, that all other courses are built on. For this reason we highly recommend that this be the first course you take from us and is a prerequisite to take before you complete any other workshops within our certificates.

Coaching Others Through Conflict - 2 days

Mediation Skills for Leaders - 2 days

Dealing with Anger - 2 days

Effective Feedback - 2 days

Building Respectful Workplaces - 1 day

Managing Unresolvable Problems - 1 day

4-days worth of Electives - *Note: any of our courses NOT listed in the certificate requirements counts as an elective.