Incident Based Mediation

A Model for Victim Offender Mediation


This interactive training will explore the nature of conflict, impacts of crime, and victim offender needs. Grounded in principles of restorative justice, Mediation Services’ victim offender work values care, collaboration, empowerment and integrity. Participants will be introduced to different intervention processes including mediation, conciliation, restorative action, and group conferencing. Theory will be accompanied with practical skill exercises and coached role plays. This training will prepare individuals to work as a third-party facilitator for those directly impacted by crime to identify their needs as well as the interests of their communities.


*We encourage all folks from Restorative Justice Organizations to reach our to us prior to regsitering.

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 Course Dates:

February 25, 26 + 27 | 8:30am-4:00pm | In-person at Mediation Services

Rooted in a restorative approach to conflict, participants will learn intervention techniques to effectively address the harm created by a violation, act of disrespect or crime. This training will focus on frameworks for understanding conflict and justice, developing advanced communication skills, and practicing an incident based mediation model. Following this workshop, participants will be familiar with processes that meet both the short term and long term needs of those directly involved in the situation as well as the interests of their communities. • Learn models for intervening in conflict and crime; identify benefits and limitations • Enhance communication skills: active listening, paraphrasing, redirecting, questioning • Practice mediation skills: facilitation, clarification, building agreements