Are cultural differences and/or misunderstandings causing conflicts at work?

Cultural diversity is a universal reality. So is conflict. Knowing how to deal within a culturally diverse world will increase your success at work and in your relationships. Learn how to recognize the cultural elements in conflict and gain a framework for working in cross-cultural settings.


For over 40 years, our organization has been designing and utilizing effective tools to navigate and prevent conflict; And for the first time ever, that content is right here!

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In this online course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Examine the meaning and elements of culture
  • Reflect on and work towards articulating one’s own culture
  • Recognize and value or appreciate the diverse cultures around us
  • Understand how cultures interact and collide
  • Engage tools to enhance communication between cultures
  • Explore behaviours and subsequent links to beliefs and values

The conflict management tools that are taught in this course can be very easily applied in our home life, our social circles and at work.


Cultural Diversity, Communication and Conflict: Embracing the Challenge of Intercultural Communication

Our environments at work and play are becoming increasingly diverse. Cultural diversity is what makes life interesting however, at the same time diversity can contribute to or increase tensions (bumps, clashes and collides) resulting from diverse interpretations / world views, styles, meanings. Communication norms vary greatly across cultures.  Cultural competency is an essential skill across sectors, roles, ages and disciplines. Cultural sensitivity is essential for building and maintaining healthy, productive and respectful workplaces and communities. In this course participants will examine the dynamics and complexity of culture, including reflecting on and articulating their own culture (disclosure) and practicing how to proactively seek to discover and better understand the cultures of the people around them (inquiry). The emphasis being learning to recognize diversity factors and value them such that we can adapt, build bridges and reconcile differences.

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