Communication at Work

Are conflict and arguments common at your workplace?

By understanding your personal communication style and how it interacts with other, you can create a positive, productive workplace. Assess your natural strengths and how your communication style changes under stress.

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Learn Your Personal Style:

This is a great workshop to do as a team.

Learning about our personal style can help us to better understand ourselves and to bring out the best in others.  This course introduces the Personal Style Profile for Communication at Work, developed by Susan K. Gilmore and Patrick W. Fraleigh.  This tool promotes self-awareness of how we function in both everyday situations and when undergoing change and stress in a work context.  We can apply this new understanding to build respect for individual differences and to reduce and prevent unnecessary conflict.  Participants are expected to fill out an inventory prior to the course and to bring it with them on the day of the training.    


While understanding and accepting style is just one part of skillful self-management in the workplace, this workshop will also: 

  • Provide a common language with which workers can discuss, problem solve and reach agreements about improving workplace communications 
  • Offer people specific strategies for “bringing out the best” in themselves and in others 
  • Provide an understanding of what is most likely to “bring out the worst” in others 
  • Assist workers to identify aspects of troublesome behaviours which have potential to be changed and those which are highly resistant to change, characteristics that are likely better accepted as “in the nature” of a person’s style 

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