Adapting to Change: Fostering Individual and Team resilience

During these unprecedented times all workers, from Leaders to the front lines we are all in a state of constant uncertainty and flux.

This course series will give you the opportunity to reflect on and process the impacts of this constant change and uncertainty on you and your team, assess where you are at in the change process theory, strategize for moving through resistance, consider your communications plan for change management and find creative innovative ways to meet challenges.


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In partnership with Healthy Hive Consulting Company, Participants will learn how:

In any organization, people are central to an organizational change being successful.  Changes at the organization or group level can contribute to conflict, tensionmisunderstandings or worry - which in turn often derailing or destroying the change process. When a change fails, all the time and effort put into that change is lost.  In order for change to be successful it’s important to focus on and include those around you through the change process. 

This course is created to support those leading change, in an effort to have success with your change.   In this course we will explore how to plan and move through group or organizational change in a way that reduces conflict and tension. We’ll look at critical communication during change, obtaining buy-in and commitment from others, and providing support to those we’re leading through the change process. 

This workshop will cover the dynamics, stages and forces contributing to change, anticipating change and the importance of being prepared, and exploring your personal style of relating to change. Finally how best to initiate and communicate about change so as to minimize resistance and help yourself and those around you accept, adapt and commit to changes taking place in organizations, workplaces, families and communities.

"Excellent trainer, useful knowledge, and a worthwhile investment in your professional development."

Mauricio Diaz

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