Dealing with Defensiveness

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Defensiveness is a natural impulse that often plays a role in conflict and how it escalates. Learn what is happening for ourselves and others when defensiveness is activated, discover the antidote, and come away with strategies for communicating when defensiveness is present.


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Key Benefits in taking this course via our asynchronous webinar

  • Learn at your own pace, at a schedule that fits your life.
  • Watch and rewatch as many times as you need to allow the material to sink in.
  • Use your own personal case studies so the content is completely customized to situations you find yourself in.  When you've completed the course, feel free to go through again using a different personal case study.


What others are saying:

"It had been a very long time since I'd participated in online learning in such a robust way. There are many parts to these modules I will revisit so that I can continually internalize as I put these strategies to use. I had heard about and even facilitate similar strategies, but was surprised by HOW MUCH I learned and took away from these modules. Looking forward to further learning starting tomorrow with Mediation Services. I truly believe that if everyone took this module, it would go a long way in improving workplace cultures. Great job!"

- Monique Levesque-Pharoah, DTM.  on her experience taking an Asynchronous Webinar with Mediation Services

Owner of Unique Communications & Training and former International Director of Toastmasters International

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Become a Master of Defensiveness