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Effective Feedback | October 8 & 15, 2024

Why is giving feedback so hard?

How can I give better feedback?

Learn how to deliver feedback in a way that allows individuals the opportunity to change their problematic behaviour.

As the result of this training leaders will be able to:

  • engage in the 2 kinds of conversations that build and support positive relationships;
  • have the 2 types of specific conversations that result in a behavior change while still maintaining the relationship with the employee;
  • understand the consequences of not being proactive in having these conversations;
  • adjust conversations when speaking to the direct blunt employee, as well as the indirect sensitive employee (adding art to the science);
  • understand the role of defensiveness and respond well to defensive energy;
  • examine the interaction of ongoing feedback and performance evaluations;
  • give feedback to reinforce positive behaviours;
  • understand the impact of your tone and body language (meta talk);
  • describe problematic behaviour without judgement or evaluation;
  • understand better their personal reactions to receiving feedback; and
  • develop an increased ability to screen and assess difficult situations to determine the best way to make an approach when a difficult conversation is required.

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