Conflict 101: Demystifying Conflict Through a Psychological Approach

Conflict 101 is an empowering introductory course designed to equip you with essential knowledge and skills on the subject of conflict resolution. Conflict is an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the daunting, toxic, or overwhelmingly intense situation that it can often become.


"For years, conflict haunted me - I feared it, avoided it, and when faced with it, I often made things worse. The toll of unresolved conflicts consumed my thoughts daily.

In Conflict 101, I share what I've learned over the last 15+ years of studying conflict resolution.

These concepts allowed me to mend relationships, ease anxiety, and reclaim my mental space from the chaos of conflict; It can do this for you too.

How often is something this life-changing also free?"

-Tony, your trainer for Conflict 101

What People Are Saying:

wow this has been an incredible course and I have learned alot and will move forward with all of this in mind. thank you for the manual and the journal log fantastic !!

fantastic information well presented and really enjoyable and thought provoking real examples and real on the floor ideas to reflect and take in thank you !!

Thank you for making this course available. It is greatly appreciated! It is insightful and helpful.