Building Personal Resilience: Coping with Stress

Do you feel overwhelmed from conflict?

Does life sometimes seem to be too much to handle?

Some people meet conflict and life’s demands with optimism and elasticity; while others become stuck and overwhelmed. Identify the attitudes of resilient people and practice skills to help you be more resilient.


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Why do some people meet conflict and life's demands with optimism and elasticity while others become stuck and overwhelmed?

This workshop will explore the skills and attitudes of resilient people in the face of short-term, sustained and chronic stress. Using reflective and interactive exercises, this session will develop awareness, flexibility and personal strength to meet challenges at work and home. 


  • Increase one’s understanding of stress and resilience 
  • Identify patterns of short-term, sustained and chronic stress 
  • Develop skills and attitudes for managing stress 
  • Deepen a sense of one’s own resilience 


Kalyn Falk

Course Date:

February 6, 2024 | 08:30am-4:00pm | In-person